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Red Pen Edits and Consulting, LLC is a personal and professional editing and consulting company that specializes in simplifying the writing process with effective proofreading, editing and manuscript review services. We seek to provide guidance, help and encouragement during the writer’s journey from conception to completion.

Red Pen Services


Our team of scrupulous editors will read your manuscript in full, and give you detailed feedback on what the problems are and how to address them. Our goal is to assist you with producing the final perfect copy. Our editors are experienced in various reading genres and will perform line-by-line editing of your manuscript to improve clarity, organization, and flow. Everyone is prone to making mistakes. Some of the most prolific writers need to get their work proofread to resolve typos, spellings and punctuation errors. Upon approval of the suggested changes, we will promptly and effectively start the editing process.


Business proposals are prepared by an individual or team to present an idea in an effort to persuade support. Our team creates business proposals that will state facts and identify the main points of a project or business endeavor. Through the use of rhetorical appeals, logos, pathos, and ethos, our team is able to positively persuade readers.


Business writing is a type of writing that seeks to elicit a business response. It’s a purposeful piece of writing that provides relevant information to help a reader know something or do something. Memorandums, reports, proposals, emails, and a variety of other business-related written materials are all forms of business writing. Our team will assist you with creating a clear and concise writing to get your message across.


Our team of social media specialist will assist you with scheduling software and the proper creation and editing of social media post. We specialize in 10-day social media campaigns to introduce and publicize products and services.


A ghostwriter is hired to write literary or journalistic works, speeches, or other texts that are officially credited to another person as the author. Our Ghost Writing team is able to write copy like articles, speeches, books, blog posts, email newsletters, web copy, etc.

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A speechwriter is a person who is hired to prepare and write speeches that will be delivered by another person. Our speechwriters perform research into the business sector of the person delivering the speech and then create a masterpiece that is relevant, time-sensitive, and audience appropriate. Our team is able to create persuasive narratives using impeccable writing and editing skills for both internal and external communications; keynotes; talking points; Q&A’s; breakouts; webinars. We take full responsibility and accountability for quality of communication: overall experience, strategy, content, and contribution to communicating the corporate vision. We seek to develop great relationships with our business partners and make sure they are happy, educated, informed and ready to work with us on future initiatives.

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“My Grandma, My God”, Author

My name is Kathryn K Burns Leaphart and I am in the process reinventing myself. In this process, I was given the opportunity to work with Torre A. Stocker and Red Pen Edits and Consulting, LLC. Torre is an amazing and talented creation. He was truthful and strong in his determination to bring my 1st book, “My Grandma, My God” into fruition. If you are looking for someone to be prompt, professional and caring about your project and labor of love, then Torre A. Stocker is the man for you. He will certainly go above and beyond any of your expectations. I look forward to working with him again.

Author and Executive Director

My name is Marquita Nesbitt and I am the PROUD Owner and Executive Director of a newly founded non-profit organization, From Struggle to Strength and a published author of a book by the same name, “From Struggle to Strength”. I SUPPORT Torre Stocker. If I had to describe Torre in three words, it would be dedicated, meticulous, and a leader. In my business, Torre walked closely with me to finish my book and get my non-profit registered in SC as a 501c3 organization. This entire process has been an enjoyable experience. I had no clue what I was getting into by asking for his help, but the results have all been favorable. One thing I can say about Torre is that he will not let you quit!! From random text messages and phone calls to strategic timelines and deadlines, he was very hands-on through it all. If you need assistance with brainstorming, strategic planning, starting a business, writing a book, creating a coloring book, or simply needing a listening ear, Torre A. Stocker is your guy!!! He is absolutely and hands down the man for the job! Connecting with him was by far one of the best business decisions that I’ve made.

Regina Skeeters Enterprise Author

My name is Regina Skeeters. I am the CEO and Founder of the Blend Out Performing Arts Camp. I’m a worship leader and I’ve recently become an author. Torre Stocker was instrumental in the final stage of this process. If I could describe Torre in three words it would be punctual, proficient and professional. I submitted a draft of my book to Torre to be edited along with a timeframe in which the process was to be completed. Not only was his portion completed before the deadline but the edits were thorough coupled with well thought out suggestions to improve the book. His years of experience qualify him. The level of professionalism was second to none. The entire experience was indeed a great one and I would highly recommend Torre A. Stocker and Red Pen Edits and Consulting, LLC to my friends and colleagues.